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The Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia (ATCSA) is an international association for thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons. The Association was founded in 1972 by cardiothoracic surgeons in the Asian countries and was headquartered in Quezon City, Philippines where the first meeting of the ATCSA was held at Manila Hotel on November 26, 1972.

In 1993, the Association, a non-profit organization was registered and headquartered in the Republic of Singapore, with the principal activities of the Association focus on thoracic and cardiovascular education and congresses. The biennial meeting of the ATCSA was converted to annual meeting in 2010 consisting of more than 1,400 members from 44 countries, 38 council members from 18 countries, and 6 EXCO members from 6 countries.

The objectives of the Association are to:
  1. Improve the quality and practice of Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery in the region. 

  2. Encourage basic and clinical research in the field of Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery. 

  3. Promote professional development of surgeons specializing in Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery. 

  4. Organize regional congress for scientific presentations and discussion yearly. 

  5. Cooperate with other regional and international institutions in scientific and educational programs.


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